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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

yo pple..
i'll start off this blog..
at the moment..
it feels as it it's gonna continue being dead..
bring life to this man!
i was thinking..
let's not be lyk sad..
let's be lyk stikky mud..
don't let the hand that held us let go only to let us fall away from each other..
let's stick so that we'll stay glued even when nothing more binds us except for friendship..

it's weird how at one time of our lives..
we were all such good friends..
circumstances change..
but should our friendship be altered by the winds of change?
it should get stronger..
call me sentimental..
but my time in SA was great cos of all of u..
and altho i couldn't stick it out..
my departure didn't mean that all of u were left behind without me..
i think about all of u all the time..
what could have been..

all of u were special to me..
all of u are special to me..
i don't want us to live life thinking of what could have been..
i look back on the past..
and realise that so many people who i once considered to me close friends..
were just passers-by..
but all of u are so much more than that..

nas.. u're my angel..
hanis.. u're my cheerleader of happiness and smiliness..
geri.. u're my mama crab.. a veri impt job indeed.. u taught me to walk sideways.. =)
lizz.. u're my sensibility counsellor..
yoges.. my fun mate..
pei yi.. the glue that alwez got me and nas to come back together..
eunice.. bimbo shi fu.. who's left as well.. following in her trainee's footsteps..
nana.. my cutie bundle of joy..

i can't go on cos there're just too many things..
too many people..
i s'pose my point is..
let's keep this blog alive..
all of us..
just a few minutes out of our daily lives..
to piece together fragments that some of us would have missed out on..
to share our griefs.. and happiness.. and complaints..
that's what friends are for..


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Friday, October 07, 2005


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Saturday, August 14, 2004

please tag! please?!

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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Just Testing=)

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